Summer Vacation- My time for me!

I am sorry blogging world, but the summer is my time for me. I needed to take some time with my family and not strapped to a computer to add some posts. I am starting to slowly come back to the blog. I have kept the Facebook page going and that is where most of […]

Taking time…Get up, get out, get MOVING!!

Have you ever laid in bed staring at the clock thinking to yourself…where is the time going? Do you ever take a long stretch from with your arms over your head feeling it all the way down you toes…stare at the clock again…and realize…OH SHIT! The day has started and I am going to be […]

Intentions of your Practice

Sorry for the delay in writing posts. I got back to my primal roots over the weekend and it felt great to unplug for a bit. As a family, we went camping up in the Jim Thorpe, PA area. It was great to set the tent up, be close to the lake, look up at […]

Be Honest…Especially with yourself!

Alright, getting back on the Whole30 has not gone as planned. After a very long day at work (Yes, I worked Memorial Day!), I was so tired and so just wanting a beer and chill with my girls, that I drank a beer. I know it is not Paleo…I know it is not Whole30, but […]

Day 1- Round 2- Here we go!

Waking up this morning was a bit of a drudgery. After a couple of days drinking and eating CRAP, all I really wanted was a nice cup of coffee and my usual Paleo breakfast (eggs over easy, smoked salmon, and sauteed spinach). Wouldn’t you know it…the F’N Keurig machine died in the middle of the […]

Round 2?? Do I have it in me???

After a short, but poignant conversation with a friend and co-worker, we are thinking of doing another Whole30. I have experimented with food additions and subtractions for the past 24 days. You have read about some of my conclusions: Dairy and I have a love/hate relationship. Not eating Dairy much anymore. Bread is really only with […]

Check this kid out…He gets it!!!


March Against Monsanto!!!

Please take some time and read up on WHAT YOU ARE EATING!!!! There is some scary stuff out there people. What ever happened to eating REAL F’N FOOD??? Here are some articles that you need to check out: I am sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired!” It all […]

Getting back at it!

Sorry for the delay in posts! It is weird when LIFE hits and you just get caught up in all of the minutia. A friend of mine gave me a great workout from the National Guard/Man of Steel. It is called Soldier of Steel. Here is the link to Solider of Steel.   I love […]

My local CSA and my girls!

We just started our first season at our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We go to Down to Earth Harvest in Kennett Square, PA. It is great and Juliet got so excited to go “to the Farm!” We have even upgraded our membership to include Farm fresh cage-free eggs. We go through a lot of […]