About Me

As a SEMI (I do have a full time job!) Stay-at-home DAD, I am always on the go and taking care of my two beautiful daughters. (Juliet and Elyse) Trying to eat healthy is hard, even when you are trying to introduce or have your kids eat healthy. This is my journey with my family on eating healthy at home and on the go, especially at work and with the kids.

I am a crazy foodie. I will try anything at least once, but I really live by the Andrew Zimmern code of trying it twice. (Your first bite always has stress and anticipation with it.) I have recently joined the fight against Monsanto and GMO’s, but I am also a realist. I know that I will have something somewhere at some time that will have GMO’s in it. I am going to try my best to avoid them. What ever happened to real food??? Seriously!

I love trying new workouts and pushing myself to be the best ME! There is no one way to workout. I believe in really changing it up and getting PRIMAL with the workouts. I have recently come back to Yoga and body weight exercises. I have the TRX and love to use it. I will run outside through the woods before getting on that hamster wheel called a treadmill.

I have a quirky, optimistic, realist, minimalist, primal, goofy, loving, relaxed way of life. I have worked hard and continue to work toward physical and mental homeostasis. I try to limit stress and anxiety in my life. What’s the point of worrying about it? Live your life…not someone else’s.

Your life is YOUR PRACTICE…Perfect Practice makes Perfect…I will always be an evolving student of life.

Finally…I want to leave you with a partial quote from Aerosmith with my spin on it:

If LIFE is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION…then how is LIFE A BEACH??


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