Summer Vacation- My time for me!

I am sorry blogging world, but the summer is my time for me. I needed to take some time with my family and not strapped to a computer to add some posts.

I am starting to slowly come back to the blog. I have kept the Facebook page going and that is where most of the posts are happening.

Here are a few things I am getting ready for and that I am going to blog about:

  1. September 21– GoRuck Nasty! 6+ Miles, 20+ obstacles. My lovely wife is even coming with me!
  2. October 26– GoRuck Challenge- Washington D.C. 8-12 Hours of Good Livin!
  3. Whole 30 #2??? This is going to start after my vacation in September.

Here are some questions that I would like to put out to everyone:

I like to eat Paleo. I am not Paleo 100% of the time. (Come on people…you have to live a little!) I love BEER and wine! BEER!!

What is your non-Paleo vice? What is your go to meal (Paleo or Non-Paleo)? What is your definition of “Good Livin'”?

See you soon!





  1. My non Paleo vice is my morning latte. My go to meal is fresh veggies (& hummus).

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