Taking time…Get up, get out, get MOVING!!

Have you ever laid in bed staring at the clock thinking to yourself…where is the time going? Do you ever take a long stretch from with your arms over your head feeling it all the way down you toes…stare at the clock again…and realize…OH SHIT! The day has started and I am going to be late!

Guess what…It’s okay to feel this way! The amount of things you will get done in the 5 minutes you get ready and out the door, can still get done in 5 minutes! Just take a moment, breathe, smile, and GO! Why worry about time, if it NEVER worries about you?

Alright…time to get motivated…the weekend is done! You went out and had your fun…now let’s get back to work!

Are you doing something you love or are you just doing something? Do you get excited going to work?

I enjoy my work…it excites me! I love to sell…I am good at it, but I love the time that my job gives me. I have my family close by (in the same building!) and I have time to spend with them during the day. I get to workout and go to Yoga whenever I like. I take my Kenpo classes right down the hallway. I am steps away from healthy eating and drinking or I bring my own lunch. What more can I ask for?? What more can YOU ask for?

In Yoga today…the instructor kept repeating…Let’s enjoy the practice…Let’s enjoy the day! Do you enjoy the day or do you want to just get home to fall asleep or drink and enjoy the night? Are you working for the weekend???

People…Let’s Get Up! Get OUT! and Get Moving! If you do not like where you are, change it! If you want more from your life or relationships, get out and change them! Get MOVING toward YOUR GOALS!!!

This week I am doing a week of Whole30 for a friend. He started today and I told him I am going to do a week. I felt like I needed to hit the reset button. Do you ever hit your reset button? Or are you on repeat and shuffle?

Listen…this is Motivation Monday! Let’s get this thing going!



I am going to do this one day. I am already working on it!



This is the most inspirational…YOU CAN DO IT!!


I think I can do this!

To work on my 6-Pack…

Have a Great Day!


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