Intentions of your Practice

Sorry for the delay in writing posts.

I got back to my primal roots over the weekend and it felt great to unplug for a bit. As a family, we went camping up in the Jim Thorpe, PA area. It was great to set the tent up, be close to the lake, look up at the trees, and sit by the fire. The Cicadas were starting to emerge and it was fun to think back when I first saw them. (I remember playing at recess in elementary school and picking Cicadas off of me!)

On our second day, we packed our backpacks (I carried Elyse in one of the kid backpacks.) and we trekked around a mountain and then up the mountain to some waterfalls. The girls loved playing in the streams, picking up rocks and throwing them in the water, sticking their heads in the waterfalls, and climbing on the rocks. It was so nice to see the girls interact with nature and not be afraid.


On my way up to the falls, I really started to think about the yoga classes and workouts that I was doing. It was great to be outside and really climb up the mountain with Elyse on my back. In our yoga classes, the instructor says something like “What is your intention of your practice today? or Connect with your intention? or Focus on YOUR intention in your practice today or This is your practice.” I can’t remember exactly what it is, but I really started to focus on the words “intention” and “practice” up the mountain.

What is my intention? What do I intend to do? (Intention: a determination to act a certain way.) Warrior 1 Male Yoga Pose

I started to relate my “intention” to the climb up the mountain. I intend to be a great father. I started to think of me carrying my daughter on my back up the mountain. It is a metaphor of me carrying my family and those I love up the mountain. We are climbing together as one. We hold hands and create a strong link to help each other up, down, over, across, etc. At times we stubble, slide, or fall, but one of us is there to grab or become a foothold to make our way up.

I started to think about my “intention” with living a Primal/Paleo/Minimalist Lifestyle. I found that parts of me started to awaken once I unplugged from the world. I kept thinking that I was taking two steps forward and then something (bread, cookies, McDonalds, sugar, chocolate, wine, beer) kept on pulling me back down. This lifestyle that I want to lead started to become the mountain I was climbing. The weight on my back was the pressure of the world to “eat or live their way!” At that point, I realized that this was about me…not everyone else. If I want to have a beer…then it is about me, not the Paleo community. If I have a piece of chocolate or a s’more by the fire…then it is about having a fun camping experience with my daughters…not about living Paleo.

During the climb up the mountain, I came to realize that I don’t need to justify living a 80%/20% Paleo diet or 100% diet or any diet…I need to live 100% of me.

This all gets back to my Yoga class. What is my intention for MY PRACTICE today? Each day I should wake up and ask myself the same question…what is your INTENTION today? Sometimes it does not go as well as we planned. There are times that you are going to slip and fall, but there is a community out their that will rally behind you.

(Random thought: I think this is why political parties confuse me and piss me off a little! How can you be 100% left wing or right wing? How can you call yourself democratic or republican? Are you so pissed off at the other side that you can’t find common ground? Are you so stuck in your beliefs that you will fight tooth and nail just to prove a point and NOT do the right thing? )

Sorry about that! It was on my mind while I was typing this to you!

Here is my point…We all have to climb up the mountain. We all have to carry or help along the way. The climb is not something that you have to do alone, although your “intention” and “practice” needs to be your own. You are going to slip, fall, and fail…just grab a hand, find a foothold, and keep climbing up. The view is going to be great! sundown-in-mountain-top-uyfym


Listen- Nobody is perfect. This is a little Yin in everyone’s Yang…yin_yang_dragons___carpet___by_princess_flopy_13-d39rzpj




  1. ” I came to realize that I don’t need to justify living a 80%/20% Paleo diet or 100% diet or any diet…I need to live 100% of me.”

    Absolutely. I love that!

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