Day 1- Round 2- Here we go!

Waking up this morning was a bit of a drudgery. After a couple of days drinking and eating CRAP, all I really wanted was a nice cup of coffee and my usual Paleo breakfast (eggs over easy, smoked salmon, and sauteed spinach).

Wouldn’t you know it…the F’N Keurig machine died in the middle of the night. I think it went peacefully. It had an okay run. I wish we could have some more fun times together, especially early mornings with Elyse. What a lifesaver it had been!

So here we are again, doing the Whole30 for the second time! Per my previous post, I have going to have some liberties with the next 30 days. We are going on vacation. I am going to do some ” good livin’ ” and drink some wine and maybe a beer. I am interested in maintaining the lifestyle, so this time I am focusing on long term growth. There are too many things that go against you when you deny yourself too much. This is why I am going to journal a lot more.

I would like to add some things to my posts:

  1. Emotional state- am I emotionally eating. I know I can do the Whole30, but how do I feel emotionally instead of physically. I think there is a strong link between emotions and food. I will also delve into my mental state during the day. Am I thinking clearer? Am I foggy? What is my morning state of mind? What am I like before bed?
  2. Workouts- I have a clear idea of my workout schedule. I am going to keep a log of what I am doing, sets, reps, weight, classes, etc. I have added Vinyasa- Heated Yoga into my schedule. I will keep my schedule of HIIT classes on Wednesday and Sundays. I have added a lot of different kettlebell workouts as well. For example, this was my workout today: 1 minute on/15 sec off-36 kg- kettlebell swings, clean and press, push-ups, 40lb dumbbells renegade row, snatch (36kg), alt swings, high pulls, and goblet squats.
  3. Tid Bits of Information- I will keep you informed about the “state of the union” regarding new workouts, diet issues, food issues, family, and friends. The Whole30 has already been affecting my personal relationships in a good way. I want to share the good news and talk more about other people doing the Whole30 with me. You heard my story. Maybe, inspiration will strike you with their story.
  4. Recipes- I have been collecting some great recipes. I think I have enough now to really start to share them.

Let’s Get This Done!!!



  1. gainingthroughlosing says:

    This Is Great, I Look forward To Reading Your Posts!

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