Round 2?? Do I have it in me???

After a short, but poignant conversation with a friend and co-worker, we are thinking of doing another Whole30. I have experimented with food additions and subtractions for the past 24 days.

You have read about some of my conclusions:

  1. Dairy and I have a love/hate relationship. Not eating Dairy much anymore.
  2. Bread is really only with PB&J.
  3. Had Whole Wheat pasta three times. Now I feel the inflammation.
  4. I will keep eating rice, but it will be severely limited.
  5. This is a LIFESTYLE!!! It is a constant, evolving process. I am going to get it right the majority of the time, but I need to live MY LIFE as I see fit, not how YOU see fit!


This is what I am thinking:

  • I am going to start a Whole30 again on May 27th, Memorial Day.
  • I have a vacation planned for the first weekend in June. I will be drinking wine on that vacation. I will not go crazy, but I am going to have fun.
  • I think I am going to be a little more analytical with my approach. I would like to see the adjustments in my diet and the affect it has on my weight, body comp, and emotional states. I am going to keep an active journal.
  • I am going to re-work my pre-and post-workout meals. I am going to plan all meals better.
  • My workout regime is going to stay the same with Heated Yoga, Sprints, HIIT, bodyweight, and Kettlebell workouts.

Get it done! Let’s do this!!!



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