Getting back at it!

Sorry for the delay in posts! It is weird when LIFE hits and you just get caught up in all of the minutia.

A friend of mine gave me a great workout from the National Guard/Man of Steel. It is called Soldier of Steel. Here is the link to Solider of Steel.



I love getting into a new workout. I even love when the workout is helping or preparing our Soldiers. I have done a lot of military workouts. I am excited for this one.

After reading the 6 week workout for the preparation of the GoRuck challenge, I have started to go back to Heated Yoga and especially Vinyasa.

Yoga has become a way for me to really start my Mondays. I feel like I get this awesome cleansing, core shredding, cardio, stretching workout that gets me excited for the week. In addition to Yoga, I have kept up with my HIIT training on Wednesdays and Sundays. Kenpo is on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I will usually do some sort of heavy weight workouts those days, sprints, or kettlebells.

I have become a little relaxed on the Paleo diet. I hate to say it. I hate rationalizing it as living 80% Paleo or 90% Paleo. Can’t I just live Paleo??? I have been weak and added S*!T food back into my diet as an easy way out. Through this darkness though, I thought of a plan. I am going to re-read the parts of the books, It Starts With Food and The Primal Blueprint that analyze the reintroduction of foods or the living without foods. This is a process, not a diet. This is a learning experience, so there will be mistakes. If I didn’t make mistakes, then I didn’t learn anything.

Have you learned from your mistakes?




  1. If I am learning anything on this ‘journey’ it’s that you need to work out what works for you. That applies to your food, your exercise, and how you think about these and every other element of YOUR life. Besides, you don’t want to end up being ‘that guy’ from the 7 shades of paleo post anyway 😛

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