Paleo Diet/Lifestyle and Minimalism

From the previous post titled 100% Cayly:

“Paleo isn’t a diet, it’s a perspective based on one question: What does a human body need to be healthy? ”

I had to read that quote over and over again. After doing the Whole30, I am really starting to struggle with how much I should eat and drink that are “bad” and not on the diet. I want to have a glass of wine, but I start to get on the downward spiral and have the entire bottle. I binge and flirt with excess with food and drink. I am even starting to drink too much coffee and not enough water. I feel it in my head and my stomach the next day.

“Paleo isn’t a diet, it’s a perspective based on one question: What does a human body need to be healthy? ”

I think that this is both physical and psychological. You know what you need to be healthy and you know what your body needs. Sometimes your “wants” outweigh those “needs.” It makes you feel happy, joyful, and in control. But, how many times after having your “want” have you paid for it. For example, I wanted wine last night. I can feel it today. My stomach hates me and has decided to really make me pay!

We all strive to live “a balanced and more enjoyable life.” Excess does not get us there. We only pay for it in the end. Excess does not create happiness. Having the latest and greatest does not create happiness. This is why the Paleo lifestyle is so intriguing. You don’t need less and you don’t need excess. You don’t need the frills or the latest and greatest tool, supplement, mix, or shake. You need simple, clean, and healthy food.

Paleo and Minimalism really go well together. If you have not heard of Minimalism, please check out Joshua Becker’s site Becoming Minimalist. Take some time to read some of his great articles. In one of his articles, he focuses on the 10 Most Things to Simplify. Here is the list:

  1. Your Possessions
  2. Time Commitments
  3. Goals
  4. Negative Thoughts
  5. Debt
  6. Words
  7. Artificial Ingredients
  8. Screen Time
  9. Communication to the World
  10. Multi-Tasking

There is a few more I could add to the list. What do you think of the list? Any thing you would add??


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