Coconut Palm Sugar Sprouts

I have grown to love Brussel Sprouts, even before I went Paleo. This is a great recipe. I am going to try it this weekend. I think it would be great with a STEAK!!!

Popular Paleo

Confession. My very favorite way to make Brussels sprouts before going Paleo was with tons of butter, brown sugar, and a touch of salt and pepper. I’d add carrots and chopped walnuts or pecans when fancying it up for holidays… definitely my go-to simple veggie side dish.

Since walking the Paleo path (a solid 80-95% of the time), I have fallen in love with coconut palm sugar as my sweetener of choice. Coconut palm sugar is made by tapping the coconut tree palm flower, harvesting the sap and cooking it until the sap concentrates, creating a sweet syrup.  The syrup is transformed into granules and viola-coconut palm sugar. My favorite part about this sweetener is the nutrition profile. Google it for yourself or check out this link. With loads of minerals and vitamins and a GI value of 35 (honey is 55, apples are 38!), this is more than just…

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