What is next???

Don’t you just love it when it is supposed to be raining all day and you go out and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I had to share this little core workout I did today! I used kettlebells and the TRX. Bodyweight exercises are GREAT!!


What are you doing for your workouts?

How have you pushed yourself? Are you sprinting? Are you running long distances? What do you like doing?


Why do I need to kill myself on a treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, or stationary bike? They are boring.

I will use the rower. It will kick your ass!

I may do sprints on a treadmill, if it is pouring rain or it is winter. (I hate the cold!) But, it will be quick and dirty. Uphill sprints, intervals, not steady state.

I don’t like to sit down all day. Even though I sit for work, I try to get up as often as possible and walk around.

Make a plan! Set a goal! Put something out there in the future and attack it! Go after it!

These are two events that I am looking to do in the near future:

Hell Yeah!!!

Who wants to join me?


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