Motivation Time

You are starting to eat well. You are starting to workout. You may be going for longer walks or even finally joined the gym. Whatever it is, YOU are starting to become more active. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind, now that you are on the road of this new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

  1. Keep A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!! Too many times people start something and then don’t finish it because it is too difficult. IT takes them out of their comfort zone. Guess what? You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone and keep positive. Just like Dori in Finding Nemo, “Just Keep Swimming!”
  2. JOIN A GYM! Okay…I am a little biased with this one. I work at a gym. You need to join a gym. You need to find the TIME. There are many hours in the day. You can make it there. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND AWAY FROM THE TELEVISION! Just like my Mom used to say when All My Children used to come on, “It’s My Time For ME!” Make gym time, your time!
  3. TRY NEW WORKOUTS! Don’t go to the gym and do the workout you learned Freshman year in college from your friend on the Football team. You are probably not the athlete that they were and you are more likely to hurt yourself. Try classes. Try Personal Training. Try Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Pole Dancing….TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!
  4. RELAX! Make sure you are getting adequate rest. If you need to, book a Massage. This is your body. Treat yourself right!

Look for the next post…I want to talk about Pre-and-Post Workout meals….Robb Wolf has a great article about this!



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