Daddy Daughter Day!

Today is Daddy Daughter Day!!!

I am off work on Tuesdays and I spend most of the day with my two lovely daughters, Juliet and Elyse.

This is time that I will never get back. At times I know it is a challenge and tiring, but I love my time with them.

We often go to the mall to walk around or go to story time at Barnes and Noble. I have my Kenpo class at noon, so we go there and then do a fun lunch. We also like to do a lot of stuff outside. We have memberships at Longwood and Winterthur. These are easy to do trips that keep the girls active most of the morning and afternoon.

Before Whole30!!

I have come to realize that you just need to take time and have fun. The girls love to dance, laugh, sing, and play all day long. Nap time is a welcome time!

I have come to notice also that a lot of stuff that I need to take care of the girls are not really DAD friendly. I have everything in a Vera Bradley diaper bag. I need something that is a little more GUY! Even today, I bought two Superman shirts for my girls that they can wear with me. I know that I am going to have to put a bow in their hair or put some pink on them somewhere, but come on, I need to have some GUY connection with my GIRLS!

It is nice to have Daddy’s Little Girls! I will do whatever it takes to take care of them, protect them, and give them the life they truly deserve, full of love!

The girls remind me: Sometimes you just need to be a kid! This goes for life, for food, for drink, for crazy dance parties in the family room, to riding the coffee table like an airplane doing loops!

It’s great being a DAD…It is even better being a DADDY!



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