Oh the Insanity…Re-introducing foods and a couple of new tricks!

fitness-motivation-sign-59Seriously…adding foods back into your diet/lifestyle should be a great experience! After 30 days of clean eating, you would think a coffee with almond milk and a teaspoon of sugar would be great. Or, an almond butter and jelly sandwich on organic whole wheat bread. Or, maybe some beer and wine!!!

NO! It wasn’t fun!!! My body and stomach said…”F-you!”

I have come to some conclusions:

  1. Dairy and I don’t get along very well. We had a beautiful relationship once. At one point, I even said “But, we can still be friends!” I think Dairy took it the wrong way. It was like the vindictive x-girlfriend or the stage-5 clinger that you dumped and is now out for blood. 
  2. YOU MUST CONTINUE TO LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS!!! You can’t just start eating something you used to eat and not think it will have no affect on you! Think about it. You have just cleaned the pipes and made yourself better. Carrageenan is really scary and I am staying far away from GMO’s!
  3. Everything in moderation. After the Whole30, start small and work your way back into drinking alcohol. I started with only one glass of wine. By day 3 and 4, I was on 3 beers, wine, and thinking about a nightcap! Lasso that one down early. Moderation!
  4. Stick with a lot of protein, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and little starch. Stay with it. It will make you happy!

In addition, I have decided to truly adopt the Whole9 Lifestyle. After a great Whole30 experience, why would I want to go back to bad habits. Here are some bullet points, but I would suggest to check out the website!

  • Find the right balance for me! You do not have to eat perfect 100% of the time to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
  • This is a LIFESTYLE, not a diet! I need to “carry the awareness forward” and use the Whole30 to change the way I eat for the rest of my life!
  • Make educated and deliberate decisions on what I eat, healthy or non-healthy!

(These bullet points come directly from the Whole9 website. Check it out! Please! http://www.whole9life.com, and read the book It Starts with Food. Change your life!)

Hey Whole9Life:





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