The Backwards Slide

I have to admit something…I have fallen off the wagon. I really needed to have a couple of foods, just to try. I feel like crap. I am going to go back on a modified Whole30. This is crazy!

I really enjoyed cooking my food and figuring it all out. The moment my Whole30 was done, I have consumed french fries, a burger, some ice cream, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, and two glasses of wine!

I am a fatty!

In my mind, I am calling myself out! I am yelling, “Hey, A-Hole! You just got off the Whole30 and look what you are doing!” I don’t want to take two steps forward and one step back.


I feel like the fit person inside of me is still trying to break free.

Why do we always like to go back to easy?? Whenever you get off a “diet” or fitness plan, you always gain back some weight. You always seem to slide a little bit.

This is not going to happen…I am not going to let it!


I am not going to be a coward. I got hit…I am going to get back up. I am a winner! I am going to keep moving forward.

If you find that it is getting hard, keep going! If you think you can’t do it, you can! If you fear failure, you will never succeed!

Good luck…keep going…remember…You are better!


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