New Band= Band of Heathens

I would like to thank my co-worker, Brett for getting me on to The Band Of Heathens! What a great group!

I started listening to them on-line and then went to iTunes and bought two of their albums. Their music is great to chill to, have a glass of wine or moonshine with, dance in the grass to, sit around a fire pit and relax, or all of the above.

One of my favorite songs is Should Have Known! It is such a fun, great song. Check out Medicine Man, Ain’t No More Cane, Right Here With Me, Shotgun, and Gris Gris Satchel. These are great songs that remind me of times outside at the shore, or hanging out with friends and drinking.

The Band Of Heathens are one of those bands that wraps you with their harmonies, fun acoustic guitar riffs, and southern rock charm.

Click this link to check out their website: Band Of Heathens You can stream some of their music there!

Trust me…just listen and enjoy! They are a great band!!


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