Day 28- Living with Less (Own Less…Live More!)

Two Days Left!!!

I think I am going to change the name from Whole30 challenge to Whole30 “Learning Process”. It doesn’t really have a great ring to it, but I think I have learned more from this “program” than any class I have taken in my life.

I have to admit; It was a “challenge” at the beginning. But, again, the learning curve was steep at the beginning. You dropped everything and went cold turkey. The “challenge” was in trying to maintain this lifestyle throughout the 30 days. The “challenge” came from your inner monologue trying to coax you into eating sugar, or dairy, or a freakin’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So, you improvise, you adapt, you overcome! (I can hear Clint Eastwood growling that line right now! Extra points if you name the movie! Also, unofficial mantra of the US Marines!)

How do you improvise? – You learn from the situation. You make it better. You make S*!T up along the way. You make recipes randomly. You work with what you got!

How do you adapt?- You learn that you don’t need dairy, sugar, wheat, etc. You learn different meals to make. You change the way you build your plate or how you think of food.

How do you overcome?- You change your life! You complete the Whole30 challenge! YOU CHANGE!!! You look back at the last 30 days and say “Is that all you got??? Is that what I was so afraid of?? You think you can beat me? You think you are better than me?? I just showed you!” You can also look at it and say…why not do another 30 days? 40 days? 60 days??

You learn from the Whole30:

  • Elimination is okay. In the end, you either add it back into your life (within reason/with discretion/on occasion or live without it.)
  • Food is good. Healthy food is GREAT! There is some scary S*!T out there they we consume.
  • Eat Less…Live MORE!!! (I am not necessarily talking about quantity. This is definitely quality, as well.)
  • Listen to your body. You haven’t spoken in years…time to talk.
  • Slow down…be patient…take a deep breath…SMILE!
  • You can pass the word and change someone else’s life!

The Whole30 challenge is the beginning of my journey in becoming Paleo/Primal/Minimalist. I have included a short video on minimalism. I think it goes well with the Whole30 too. Please check out the website:!




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