Day 27- What has the Whole30 taught me? What is next?

I am getting to the end of this challenge and I keep thinking what is next? What have I learned from this experience?

This is what I think I have learned:

  1. The Whole30 taught me that I don’t need to have everything to be HAPPY. I don’t need certain foods or drinks to make me feel happy. Excess food/drinks does not create happiness. (Although, BACON really pushes the limit of that statement!) I can live without or eliminate…and live a very good, healthy, stress-free life.
  2. The Whole 30 taught me to question what I am putting into my body. During this challenge, I have read many articles and books about our diet, foods, GMO’s. sugars/aspartame, recipes, processed foods, etc. I have really come to the realization that we, as an American culture, eat and drink like S*!T! We have become fat and lazy. Correction: We have become unhealthy, impatient, selfish, gluttonous, people who are worried about themselves. We are not a team anymore. We don’t want to work together to make ourselves better as a whole. We are not going to last, if we stay on this path.
  3. The Whole 30 taught me how to break bad habits. It takes TIME! Nothing is going to happen overnight. Make sure when you watch those infomercials that will get you ripped and 6 pack abs, the small print states “Results Not Typical.” The Whole 30 is not a get skinny/ripped quick plan. Check out the Whole30 website. There are people that do the challenge 2 or 3 times. I am already planning on doing this again!
  4. The Whole 30 taught me that this is just the beginning! This life is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to learn, to teach, to share, and to coach. I have already started spreading the word with this blog. I hope more and more people catch on.
  5. The Whole 30 taught me that I can take this program and use it in other avenues in my life. Christy and I are going to start working on something this month as a challenge. I will be sharing more soon!

Alright people, we are coming to the end of the Whole 30. On April 30th, I will be sharing my before and after shots, measurements before, middle, and end, and I will be sharing how I feel overall. I will be launching a new challenge some time soon. I want to gauge the interest from family and friends.

Here is a little motivation for the last few days:


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