Day 25 & 26- Walking Tall, Feeling Good! (AKA: My Pant Don’t Fit!)

I have learned so much from the Whole30. I have really started to take some time and think about what this has done to me physically and mentally.

  1. My pants don’t fit! Wait until you see the after pictures. I will make sure I do a picture where I am holding my jeans out like some of those infomercials. I even tried jeans on that I have that I used to wear that are a size down. They were loose!
  2. My sense of smell and taste has changed. I am really starting to enjoy the taste of certain veggies. I feel like a wine connoisseur when I am pairing spices with veggies. I even smelled some of Christy’s wine last night. I could really smell the alcohol, but I could really smell other parts of the wine. Certain spices and fruits really jumped out at me just by smelling. (Don’t worry. I did not drink any!)
  3. They way I stress has changed. I have some stress and anxiety issues. I really believe that my clean diet has changed the way I think or even changed the way my brain works. I have to imagine that it also has to do with the fact that I am not eating any sugar or artificial sugars. After reading a lot on the effects of Aspartame and other sugars, I am glad that I have had this time off. I really think I have slayed the sugar dragon!
  4. I am motivated to play with my kids, to do things around the house, and too be busy throughout the day without feeling overly tired. I still get tired, but I feel like I get enough quality rest. After working late, I used to just come home, eat a late dinner, and drink some wine while watching TV. Now, I eat a late dinner, but I feel like I need to do the dishes or clean a little bit first. It kind of annoys me. (Must be OCD!)
  5. My workouts have really gone up a notch. I have some great energy and strength. I feel like I can push myself much more and I really want to try different workouts. I believe that you cannot rely on one specific workout the rest of your life. You would get bored. Learn something new as often as possible. Change up your workout. Go back to old workouts. Confuse your body!

If I could learn this much or even more in 30 days, think of what you can do in other parts of your life in 30 days! Make a good habit. Keep on learning!

Really…when it comes down to it…I am really excited that…My Pants Don’t Fit!




  1. I’ve given up the aspartame too, thank goodness. Ive been reading about birch bark xylitol (i think that’s how you spell it). i haven’t tried it yet because my local stores only have the one derived from corn but i find stevia bitter and xylitol isn’t supposed to be.

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