Day 21- Sweet Dreams are made of these…

Have you ever gone into a bakery or sweet shop and get overcome by the SMELL????

Smells have started to become very prevalent on the Whole30. I feel like a pregnant woman! (I apologize to all pregnant women, but you know this is true!)

My daughter, Juliet picked out some frosted cookies and wanted to have one for a treat. I opened the box and the smell of frosting and sugar just came though the air. Usually, I would start drooling and grab about 2-3 cookies. This time, I just breathed it in…had a second…and moved on. There was really no thought of “cheating” or even overwhelming need for a cookie.

Then I started to think more about sugar. I have started to really appreciated more foods because of the lack of sugar. Coffee, of course, is number one on the list. Sweet potatoes taste sweet enough without cinnamon and sugar on it. I really crave water during a workout and not some sugary sports drink. There is not even a thought of any sodas, especially due to some of the articles I have read lately on other blogs.

Spices have become a staple at all meals. I am getting a little more adventurous with the spices. I am going to my staple “spicy” spices like chili powder, chipolte, cayenne, cumin, and ancho powders. I haven’t really spent any time trying curry, but I think this would be a good addition to the mix.

I am looking forward to some of the new cookbooks coming out soon using the Paleo Diet. Please go check out PaleOMG. She has a great blog and is an inspiration. Some of the recipes are not 100% Paleo. That is okay. I don’t think life is going to be 100% Paleo or Primal. On the Whole9Life website, Dallas and Melissa state that they are not robots and never eat things like peanut butter and jelly on bread again. This is a lifestyle. You are going to live this way for the rest of your life. You are allowed to have luxuries. (I think a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is going to be my first meal off the Whole30!)

Watching Game of Thrones last night with the dragons made me think of my own dragon, the dreaded SUGAR DRAGON! I think my dragon is at bay. It is in a nice slumber in the dungeon of an old castle. It has had its fill of sugar for a long time and is going into a deep, restful, sleep. It may stir once or twice, if a weary knight comes a knocking, but I think its fire breathing days and kingdom domination is behind it.

We are now in single digits to the end! Let’s do this!!!




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