Day 18 and 19- Dreams and Nightmares!

I have found that I am not craving much in the way of grains, sugar, dairy, etc. But, I think that my subconscious is still having cravings!

I had a weird dream last night! I was out at a fast food restaurant. I was drinking a very large soda and eating some fried food, cheeseburger, fries, and something chocolate. All I could think about was, “Oh my God!…What are you doing? You are not done your Whole30! You came so close. Why are you eating this crap!” I just kept eating and eating. I kept drinking the soda. I was really upset with myself. At one point, a waitress came over and gave me another tray full of food. Before I could start eating, I woke up!

Do you ever wake up and think you were still dreaming? I was pissed when I woke up. How could I have failed on the Whole30 when I was so close?! Then, after waking up a little more, I realized it was a dream. Even when I started to prepare my breakfast and coffee, I kept thinking, “Is this okay to eat?”

That afternoon I made sweet potato chips and beet chips. The sweet potato was not orange like usual. The skin was purple and flesh was white/yellowish. They were sweet potatoes though. They taste like sweet potatoes. These were really easy to make. Just cut them up into chips. In a bowl, put some olive oil in the bottom. Add the chips and season with whatever you like. I used black sea salt and pepper for each and added cinnamon to the sweet potatoes. Spread them out evenly on baking sheets. I put them in oven at 400 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. They came out okay. I think I am going to fry them in Coconut oil next time. Or, I may even fry and then bake them.

Sweet potato brazil

Sweet potato brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did find a picture of the purple sweet potato!

Due to my work schedule, I sometimes eat late at night. I think this may cause some of the vivid dreams that I have been having.

Finally, I tried shorts and new jeans that I just bought recently on this morning. They were loose! I guess I may need to take them back and get a new pair!

Let’s wait and see…the ultimate reveal is in 11 days!




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