Day 17- Experiments

First, I am starting to experiment with new ideas for recipes. For example, for dinner we did chicken thighs. I felt a little lazy, so I cut up the green squash we had and put some olive oil and spices on it. I then added the asparagus we had left with olive oil, and I added some sliced avocado. I then put the chicken on top with Cuban spices and baked for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees.

I was excited that it came out great. The chicken was moist and flavorful. The asparagus came out crunchy. (I like that. I don’t like it soggy.) The squash was a little oily, and the avocado came out great.

I am starting to think about new ways to do ethnic food Paleo. Mexican is hard without rice, beans, and tortillas. I am thinking of using lettuce leaves as the shells. I have looked up on making some sushi with cauliflower rice, but I have another idea I will share later. (I want to see if it works first!)

Second, I am experimenting on my workouts. Today was FIT (HIIT training at the HAC) and I went all out. Unfortunately, my body did not want to go all out. I think I need to schedule my food intake better before an intense class. I tried to eat around an hour before class. That was too long.

The final experiment was with coffee. I know, what was I doing with coffee now. I tried different coffees today. I tried bold with and without cinnamon, light roast of bananas foster coffee with and without cinnamon, and I tried an organic coffee with and without cinnamon. I think my tastes are changing. I enjoyed the organic coffee more. It smelled better. It tasted better and I liked it without the cinnamon. We should all take pride in our coffee!

One of the great thing about the Whole30 is that you have to try new things. You can’t get stuck in a rut and not try new foods or experiences. Experiment!



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