Day 16- The New Normal…

How do you feel?…Fine…Normal…GREAT!

The challenge is really changing the way I feel…but, it is still a hard question to answer.


  1. Great!
  2. Skinny.
  3. Energized
  4. Fine (F*ked up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional??? NOPE!)
  5. Tighter.
  6. Activated…like waking up from a dream. I am seeing things different.
  7. Excited! (I still have 2 weeks to go. I really can’t wait to see where this goes!)
  8. Tubular, Gnarly, Bodacious, Totally Awesome Dude! (Sorry, I had to add some 80’s Surfer Speak!)
  9. like my new healthy lifestyle is truly beginning.
  10. like I am a better ME!

There are many ups and downs during the beginning portion of this challenge. It is hard for anyone to change. I think people inherently FEAR CHANGE! Are we scared of Homeostasis? Or, are we scared that we may FAIL? Or, are we afraid that we won’t change into something better than our current self?

We all get stuck in a rut. We all look in the mirror some days and say, “What the F*!k happened to me? Where has the time gone?”

One thing that I have always lived by in my life or always strived towards is CARPE DIEM! I don’t want to live a life of “Should Have, Would Have, or Could Have” done _______! No regrets. Leave it all on the table. I want to leave this world with people not talking about how I died, but how I lived!

This is a good place to start…Your body is a temple…start with your nutrition. Do something! Don’t be afraid of failure. What have you got to lose??



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