Day 15- Half Way DONE!!! So…Don’t Stop Me Now!!!

I am going to ROCK THIS Challenge!!! Nothing is going to stop me from reaching the 30th day and beyond. Half way done and I truly feel like my life is changing.

I can see some changes. I can feel some changes.

My workouts have started to get better. I am going strong on some of the high-intensity interval training that I do. I sprinted and felt great.

I finally went on the Whole9life website and joined the forum. Here are some things that I learned:

  1. Buy the book. Write in the margins. Bunny ear pages. Use post-its. Re-read the book. Go back to it, if you have any questions. 
  2. Join the Forum. Everyone there is to help you out and give you advice. I waited too long.
  3. Print off all of the pdf’s that are on the Whole9life site for the Whole30 program. I printed everything and made myself a little “go-to” book.
  4. Follow the book. I didn’t realize that I could have answered some questions by using the book or the pdf’s. I found a great meal planning template. I understand a lot more regarding my pre-and post-workout meals. I think this especially helped me in today’s workout.

Okay…I have to admit something though…I weighed myself and got my measurements done! I know this is taboo, but I wanted the mid-point reference. Now for the good news…I don’t know any of the numbers. I walked onto the scale backwards. My friend, Rachel, took my measurements. I didn’t look and she didn’t tell me anything. Again, I think it would be great to know where I was in the beginning, the middle, and the end. I promise you…I do not know the numbers and I will not know the numbers until April 30th.

I have kicked it into high gear with my workouts. I have started some different uphill sprint training and modified my weekly schedule. I am working on more body weight and core exercise. This is the best thing for me to do right now. I check out the page each day for their WOD. I will either add it to my routine, modify it, or not do it at all due to limitations.

Finally, I need to share this recipe that I found today. Go check it out. I am going to make this at the end of the Whole30 for me and my girls. They love cinnamon!



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