Day 14- Time for a little motivation!

2 weeks down…tomorrow is Day15…almost half way done with the Whole30 challenge!

I am starting to realize that the challenge does not really involve the food. The challenge is within yourself. An apple, or cauliflower, or grass-fed beef are all going to taste how they taste. You can alter only a fraction of their essence with spices, but they are still the same. The challenge comes when you need to EAT THE FOOD! The food you consume is going to do the job of feeding your body the proper nutrients. The change comes within you. You start to accept the “goodness” of food. You let down your walls and invite true “taste” into your life. The Whole30 allows you to experience food in a whole new realm. Have you started to say “This tastes so good! Why didn’t I try this before?” or “I like this better than _____ (put in unapproved food in the blank!)

In the beginning, your mind is thinking, “Oh damn…I can’t have bread anymore. What about sugar in my coffee? Will I survive without ______? Can I really do this for 30 days? We are eliminating so much. I don’t know if this is good for me or if it is possible!” Like Dallas and Melissa state on whole9life and in their book, It Starts With Food, the Whole30 is HARD.

I somewhat disagree. The Whole30 is not HARD! Eating healthy food is not HARD.  WE MAKE IT HARD!!  We get in our own way to succeed. We start to give excuses before we even begin. We try to find ways around being without certain foods by finding Whole30 approved “desserts” and “treats”. I did the same thing. I made it HARD. My mind made it HARD!

I struggled for months before I dove into the Whole30. I told myself several times that I didn’t believe that I could do this. I didn’t accept that my diet was bad and that I needed to change. I kept complaining about my weight and how I looked, but did really nothing with my diet to change it. I am glad that I made the decision to do the Whole30


Yoda (Photo credit: BWJones)

. It has changed my life…it has changed the way that I see, look, smell, and taste food. It has opened my mind about different possibilities of healthy living for my family and friends.

If you want to change your life, try the Whole30 program out. What do you have to lose??? Time? Weight? Glazed donuts??? As Yoda once said, “There is NO TRY, only DO!”



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