Day 13- Working out…and it’s working out!

“Pursue CHALLENGES that turn YOU on instead of worrying about what the magazine says is the “best ” workout or the marketing hype that glorifies extreme events.” – Mark Sisson, The Primal Blueprint, pg. 182.

Working out on the Whole30 program is definitely a “must.” How are you going to train your body to burn fat or change your current lifestyle without working out?

Get up…get out…get off the f’ning couch!!! Go for a walk. It can be around the mall. Go outside. Find something to do. Sitting in front of the television is not going to get you better. Watching infomercials for the Insanity workout or P90X are not going to get you the “body you always wanted.”

Say it again…”Get up…Get out…Get f’ing MOVING!”

In Mark Sisson’s book, The Primal Blueprint, he discusses the pitfalls of “Chronic Cardio” and how we should “workout” or approach fitness. Our basis should be…let me say it again…”Get up…Get out…Get F’ING MOVING!!!”

Check out the pyramid below. After years of different workouts, magazine articles, and fads, I have finally found a “program” that works for ME! I love HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), I love lifting heavy weights (including my own body weight), I like sprinting (mostly hills, which is weird), I like the rowing machine because I am doing the work, not the machine. I DO NOT LIKE DOING CARDIO ON A STUPID MACHINE THAT DOES THE WORK! But, that is me…

Do what YOU like!

The eating on the Whole30 is starting to get really easy. I picked up some Coconut Aminos  and tried them on some burgers. It was eye-popping awesome! It makes you wonder about all the staple foods that we are taught to eat. Burger, hot dogs, all types of condiments, rice, sushi, etc. can all be made better and healthier. Don’t believe me?

Let’s say it again…”Get up…Get out…Go to a bookstore/check online for some recipes and start making your own food.” Try something new…

Here is what I like to do to make a rice alternative: Cauliflower Rice. Check out Everyday Paleo: Family Edition. Sarah Fragoso has a great recipe or check out her website, EverydayPaleo.

Now…for good measure…say it again…”Get up…Get F’ing MOVING!”

Cover of "The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram...

Cover via Amazot out…Get F’ing MOVING!”



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