Day 12- Resist the temptations…WILLPOWER!!!

Rocky road cupcake

Rocky road cupcake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am just kidding! It is not that bad. I am not like some addict in the corner scratching my arm looking for a fix.

My need for sugar has dropped significantly. At the mall today, I walked by the bakery with the HUGE cupcakes. All I could think about was…Holy Shit…that could kill me! Those cupcakes would make me gain 47.5 lbs in one sitting. I could hear my heart closing up and my fat cells yelling “Feed Me Seymour!”

With the Whole 30 powers combined…I become CAPTAIN PALEO, defender of clean eating, stronger than a grass-fed buffalo, able to leap boxes in a single box jump, and faster than a 300lbs lineman running a 40yd dash!  Sorry…I am in a silly mood this morning!  I was surprised to actually crave something PALEO and Whole30 approved. Black coffee! I even tried to do sushi for dinner. Correction…Sashimi! No soy sauce or soy amino! I did find a place close by that carries it, Harvest Market.  This challenge is starting to become fun. I feel like a detective or on some sort of scavenger hunt with my food. It is crazy. I think that I am starting to influence Christy and the girls. The warm weather has been great. It makes you want to eat outside, especially fresh, clean food. You start to get PRIMAL cooking slabs of meat over a hot grill with searing flames. Smoke is rising in the air carrying the fragrant smells of spices and meat. Or, if you are Jimmy Buffet, the smell of shrimp that are beginning to boil.  Sorry…I had to pause and wipe the drool off the keyboard.  I love the Spring and Summer. It is going to make the back half of this challenge a breeze. Make food a pleasure. Enjoy the time you have with your family and have a nice family dinner each night.  Involve your kids in the preparation of your foods. Make it fun. Put some music on and CHILL!!!



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