Day 11- Stress and the art of caring for a sick baby!

Day 11- Stressful…to say the least! 😦

Our youngest, Elyse, is battling a fever and Juliet is now feeling better. Both kids desire Daddy’s attention. For the first day after the little stomach bug hit our house, Juliet is starting to eat “real” food. She really only wants fruit squeezes and peanut butter sandwiches. Elyse is only eating fruit and I am trying to get her to take as much fluids as possible.

This is where my internal monologue and personal struggle start. Why, when our kids are sick, do we go straight to medication? The temporary relief that the meds give the girls is great. You feel like you are doing your job as a parent. You are trying to make your babies better. But, how are the meds changing them? Is it giving them a weaker immune system? Can we avoid some sicknesses by changing their diet?? I am starting to see the slippery slope that my daughter is on for her diet. I know she is only 3 and has some “texture” issue or doesn’t “like” it without even trying it, but that is just an excuse. I am hoping these books and recipes that I am using start to help the situation. Elyse is a garbage disposal. She will try anything!

The stress from the past few days has built up. I am drinking more water, but I noticed I added a cup of coffee (or two) because of the lack of energy. The past few nights have not been good sleep.

I am half way tempted to do a mid-point check in with weight and measurements. I feel like there has been a significant change, but I do not want to cheat the program. Would it be possible to get weighed and measured without seeing the results?

My workout regimen is about to go into Ludicrous Speed (It’s Spaceballs…They went Plaid!). I want to go hard for the next 10-12 days and then start doing a 1 week high intensity phase at the end of the Whole30. I don’t think I will end up with a 6 pack abs or anything (Here is to hoping! HAHAHA), but I do want to get in the best shape possible for MY BODY!

Until next time. . .


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