Day 7- End of Week 1- Changes

Day 7 came and went really quick. I had a great Sunday morning workout at the HAC with Katrina’s FIT class. It kicked my ASS!!! I think both Katrina and Dina enjoy torturing me whenever the can!

It was a nice sunny day again and we were outside as a family. The only strange thing that I noticed was the lack of energy. I had a bunch of energy after my workout, but I slowly faded.  I ended up taking a nap with my youngest daughter for about an hour and a half! I think I need to work on my pre and post-workout meals.

My wife and my sister-in-law decided it would be funny (Really, they did it for the kids!) to buy pizza for lunch. And, what goes well with pizza? WINE. Damn them and their temptress witchy ways! What made it worse is that my sister-in-law spilled her wine! What a waste…it was quite funny though.

Further and further into the evening, I faded quickly. I think this is the start of the “carb flu” that It Starts With Food and the Whole 30 program talks about. Christy kept asking me if I was alright and if anything was wrong. I was just in a daze all evening. Trying to help with the girls was difficult. I just wanted to zone out!

I have started to feel and see some changes. I don’t want to give any spoilers. My attitude toward food and drink and how I attack the day have really changed. The changes with the Whole 30 program are definitely both mental and physical.

Needless to say, it was a short evening and quick to bed. I went hard all week…I guess on the 7th Day you are supposed to rest! This is something I would like to research more. Look for a post soon about the importance of “The Rest Day.”



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