Random Thoughts (Also….DID I SLIP ON THE WHOLE 30?)

The past week has been great. Physically, I feel tighter. I can see small changes in my face and in my abdomen. Some clothes are fitting different, but I don’t know if I would say better yet! I am still struggling with figuring out if I am eating enough. I am fighting the Sugar Dragon every day and especially at night. That brings me to my first thought. Did I slip on the Whole30?


bananas (Photo credit: Fernando Stankuns)


Last night, I had a craving for something sweet after dinner. It was almost an hour afterwards and I was still hungry. From Day 1-6, I have been going to bed hungry. I looked everywhere last night on the internet to find a compliant Whole 30 dessert. Well, there isn’t one. But, I started to think. Why can’t I have a banana or an orange? What is the difference of having it at night versus having it in the morning? If I have a banana with cinnamon and some walnuts, did I really fail?????



Well, I some banana that I heated up in a pan with some coconut oil and walnuts. (Check out Everyday Paleo: Family


Edition Cookbook) I ate about half of it because it was bedtime for the girls and I need to put them to bed. I felt a little guilty, but I wasn’t hungry anymore. Most people on the forums regarding this stated that I should eat more protein with my veggies. My dinner last night: London Broil with cauliflower rice. It was enough.



Finally, after the Whole 30, can I realistically be 100% Paleo? I am struggling with this question. I find comfort in the Re-introduction section the the Whole 30 challenge in the book, It Starts With Food. I think I could be Paleo 80% of the time, and I think I could live like that the rest of my life. Do I think that I will never have wine, ice cream, a cookie, bread, or peanut butter ever again? NO! I do believe that I will make better choices though.




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