DAY 6- And on the sixth day…


Imagination (Photo credit: Sarah&theSpider)

The 6th Day of the Whole 30 challenge was a little weird. Again the Sugar Dragon came around, trying to tempt me with desserts, fruits, and thoughts of candies. But, this day was a little different. I noticed something with my daughter playing.

It was a beautiful day outside. We went out for sidewalk chalk, the swing set, and just to enjoy the day. A couple of girls next door came over to pay too. As I watched them play, and even tried to follow them around, I noticed that they had great stamina. Running was effortless. Climbing and swinging were easy. They had a ton of energy and kept going. It was exhausting just to watch. I even grabbed the rocking chair from the front porch to sit in to watch them play.

I am currently reading Mark Sisson’s book, The Primal Blueprint, and Primal Blueprint Law #7 is PLAY! I am starting to think on this law a little more. I could be more healthy if I had recess??? What could recess be for me? I could shoot some baskets, play with my girls (if I can keep up!), play some sort of game, or go for a swim.

The other portion of this, that I only understood recently, is IMAGINATION! The girls were making recipes, going to secret hideouts to hide from pirates, running away and around to find treasure. Where has our Imagination gone when we get older? Does it get replaced with reality television and watching sports? The most fun that I had in a long time was playing pretend with my oldest daughter. We pretended we were on an airplane doing loop-de-loops while the whole time we were sitting on our coffee table.

To be successful with any endeavor or challenge (the Whole30, lifestyle changes, playing, weight training, fitness, work, etc.), we need IMAGINATION!

Where has your imagination taken you lately?????



  1. What a great dad! Your girls (and ours) were blessed to be the benefactors of your thoughtful desire to implement PLAY into your day! (Haha, after reading this post I feel guilty that we didn’t come out because we had to get our “work” done, haha!) Children truly are an example for pure living; they’re humble, teachable, curious, they notice and find joy in simple, small pleasures, and they forgive so easily. It seems anytime I take time to really connect with a child, I come away refreshed. Way to go being so intentional and thoughtful about life!

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