Day 5- Oh my GOD…SUGAR!!! Just give me something sweet! Is dessert okay?

Today was definitely a tough day with the sugar cravings. We had the sweet potato and pork skillet recipe for breakfast, and I think that started it off. The sweet potatoes in coconut oil are much sweeter! I also had about 2.5 cups of coffee.

During the day, all I could think about is “Can I have a dessert on the Whole 30? If I can eat a banana during the day, why can’t I eat it at night after dinner? Is dessert okay?”

After reading in It Starts With Food and finding some blog posts on the Whole9 website, I decided not to pursue a dessert. One of the points that was made in the book and online is that we are programed to have something after dinner that is sweet. During this process, we are trying to break that cycle. Just think: You go to a great restaurant. You order an awesome entree (Paleo or not) and you eat the entire thing. You are now on the brink of food coma and loosing your belt. The dessert menu comes out or somebody suggests to go get ice cream. Isn’t that the time that dessert sounds the best??? Damn you sugar and your super sneaky evil ways!

I made some Kale chips from the Everyday Paleo Family Edition for the Wichita State/Louisville game. I hope my sugar carvings don’t change into salt cravings. Although, salt doesn’t really do it for me. It make me really thirsty. If salt and sugar started to throw a party together, that is a different story!

Let me know what you think…





  1. Stick with it! Started Paleo last summer and never looked back. Yeah, sometimes I want something sweet…and it gets worse the more I snack on fruit. It’s not the end of the world if you do eat a sweet every now and then, but you have to remember why you’re doing this thing in the first place. You are in charge; not the junky stuff! Eat some toasted coconut flakes instead! (In the back of the Well Fed cookbook) I like it with the Ras al Hanout seasoning. Whole30 approved!

    • Thanks! I will try it. I am now on Day 19 and feeling great. I am not having too much trouble with sugar anymore. It does come back every once in a while. Thank you again!


  1. […] Day 5- Oh my GOD…SUGAR!!! Just give me something sweet! Is dessert okay? ( […]

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