Day 4 Recap- Am I eating enough??? Am I Fat?

Honestly, I thought slaying the sugar dragon would be the hardest part about this challenge. I am actually doing okay with it. I do still crave sugar, but with fruit, it keeps it at bay. I only have maybe 3 to 4 pieces of fruit each day.


The hardest part of me right now is figuring out if I am eating enough. I am hungry a little while after eating. When I think about it though, I was hungry a little while after eating when I was not doing the Whole30. My after dinner staple would be a almond/peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or two!) and I would be drinking wine all night. I guess that is why my sugar cravings are the hardest after dinner!

In addition, after working out, I am eating. I’m I not eating enough? I can’t say, “I am eating, but I am not eating the RIGHT things.” It is lean protein and veggies at each meal. I know I am eating the right things.

For a little bit of funny inspiration, I attached a video for you.

More later!



  1. Try eating more good healthy FATS. Lard, coconut oil, etc. If your meat is grass fed, eat the fatty parts, too. When I started Paleo I was always hungry…until I realized fat was a new food group for me. That is what raises the satiety factor. Plus, its good for you! Now I even put heavy cream in my coffee, where I had always drunk it black before!

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