Day 2- I think I want to cut off my head!!

breakfastday2The day was starting out great! The girls were having a good breakfast. We were listening to music and getting ready for the day. If you want to try something very good for breakfast, try this: 4 eggs over easy, avocado, smoked salmon, and raw spinach. It was great and I felt full for most of the morning. Then, things started to go downhill.

I could feel the nagging pain starting in my neck and moving into my eyes. It was a small headache, but I knew the worst was coming. After Kenpo, we had a small meeting, and I had to squint to keep my eyes open. Thinking I was dehydrated, no amount of water could help me.

On the way home, the girls were screaming…not helping. Christy was home working, but not feeling great. I almost got sick twice on the way home. Oh my god…Do I have 28 more days of feeling like this??

Christy was a huge help. She let me rest and afterwards I felt great! In the book, It Starts With Food, it talks about the “carb flu” and the sugar dragon. I think this was the start of both. On the bright side, the “carb flu” should on last 2 WEEKS at most!

The sugar dragon is a different story. Now, when I think of dragon, I think of either Smaug (The Hobbit), the dragons from Game of Thrones, or even Mu Shu from Mulan (Thank you Disney and Juliet!).

I was craving something fierce for an after dinner dessert. I scoured the internet trying to find a #Whole30 approved dessert. I just needed something sweet. I was like a drug addict looking for a fix!

Luckily, Elyse was my saving grace. She needed to go to bed and she wanted her Daddy!

Afterwards, it was time for bed and I didn’t feel the overwhelming need for sugar. There was still a little bit there, but I know the ugly dragon will be back!



  1. Totally relate with craving the dessert!! Keep remembering that is a habit…it can be broken! T ate dessert every night…after 21 days of the reset and not having it…the habit is broken and my body no longer craves it. You can do it!! Looking forward to following you:-)

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