Day 1 is in the books!

Feeling like I was in a cloud all day is an understatement. It was a dense fog with zero visibility. If I had flashers, I would have had them on so no one would run into me. I really missed my morning (and subsequent mid-morning, late-morning, afternoon, and evening) coffee. I had a great breakfast and started the day as normal. I noticed throughout the day, I did not eat as much as I thought I would.

I do feel like I have the start of the ‘carb flu.” I am definitely starting my battle with the Sugar Dragon. I can feel a small headache come on and I hope it does not get worse. Most of all, I felt like I needed a name ALL DAY LONG!!!!

I kept thinking…Do I really want to feel like this for 30 days? I hope that I don’t feel like this for 30 days! I sure hope tomorrow is going to be better. Sorry for the brief post…but I am having trouble thinking!



  1. CUUUTE PICTURE!!! What an adorable family!!! Haha!

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